This web site contains information that is related to my work at Bogerman high school in Sneek (the Netherlands), to the typesetting system LaTeX, and to St. Stephen’s Church in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).


Bogerman home page
Bogerman high school in Sneek: Hemdijk 2 and Hemdijk 47.
Digischool KT
Home page of the Ancient Greek & Latin community at Kennisnet, with a.o. news about classical antiquity, the exam archive and a forum.
Digischool Filosofie
Home page of the Philosophy community at Kennisnet, with a.o. news about philosophy, teaching materials and a forum.
Promethean Planet
User forum about the ActivBoard.
Stanford Encyclopedia
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is an online encyclopedia about philosophy. The site is structured both historically and systematically.


Materials concerning LaTeX:

ledmac Q & A
ledmac is a LaTeX package that makes typesetting of a critical text edition possible. With its extensions ledpar and ledarab you can add parallel columns and right-to-left texts. I wrote a Q & A about ledmac and ledpar.
XeTeX home page
Information about XeTeX, an advanced TeX based typesetting program. XeTeX uses Unicode and OpenType technology.
XeTeX mailing list
Mailing list for Xe(La)TeX users.
Information about the (La)TeX previewer that I use most.

St. Stephen’s Church

My web site about St. Stephen’s Church in Nijmegen.

Grote of St.-Stevenskerk
Web site (in Dutch) with information about the interior, history and building phases of St. Stephen’s Church in Nijmegen. Includes an extensive bibliography.